Other Practice Areas

Other Practice Areas

Mr. Logan has experience with many other practice areas and criminal defense cases including both Records Sealing and Citations & Tickets.

Records Sealing

Some folks are convicted of crimes and cannot get the record expunged, for whatever reason. This is unfortunate because a criminal record is a huge handicap when it comes to getting employment. In light of this, Pennsylvania enacted a new law that allows some criminal records to be sealed.

To have records sealed under the new law, one must be free of arrest or prosecution for 10 years from the date that their probation or parole expired. Also, only records of certain misdemeanors may be sealed. No felony convictions may be sealed.

Importantly, the law provides that no person whose records are sealed may be required or requested to disclose the information. This is extremely important for people seeking employment.

The sealing of a criminal record has obvious and immediate benefits. To determine if you qualify for the sealing of your criminal records, you should contact a defense attorney in Bucks County, PA who is familiar with the new law and its criteria.

Citations and Tickets

Citations and Tickets can be assumed to be “nothing” because they are “small” matters and fighting them is generally just an “inconvenience”, so people often just pay the ticket (and therefore plead guilty). This is wrong-headed thinking. Many of these “small” matters can cause serious problems: license suspensions, increased insurance premiums, etc.

As a District Attorney and as a Defense Attorney, people routinely would come to me because they pled guilty to a ticket and did not realize the consequences of the guilty plea at the time they paid the ticket (some don’t even know that paying the ticket means pleading guilty to it). They only learn of the consequences later, when they received a Notice of Suspension from PennDOT or a premium spike from their insurer. Those people do have options, some of them limited, but they do have options to avoid the consequences of the “small inconvenience.”

Contact Our Experienced Law Firm

The better course is to contact an attorney when receiving a citation or a ticket. A quick and free consultation with experience counsel can warn you of consequences and advise you about how to proceed. Many thorny cases – speeding, retail theft, public drunkenness, driving without a license, driving with a suspended license, minors and alcohol, leaving scene of an accident, and failure to stop for a school bus – absolutely require experienced counsel to handle the matter in your best interest.


well above and beyond what his own goals for the case were. He was kind, compassionate and always made me feel like an honorable human being despite the trouble I found myself in. He was easy to reach, responded always in a very timely manner, and was well prepared. I would recommend Tom to anyone in need of legal representation.


The first thing that stuck out to me was how quickly Tom reached out to me after doing an online inquiry. Because of the nature of my case it required immediate attention and he save me a lot of headaches. Secondly, my anxiety throughout was put to rest as I knew I was in good hands and that Mr. Logan would go above and beyond to protect my interests. I could not be more satisfied with the representation I received and the advice I was given. He's as good as it gets.


Tom was very prepared and ready for any possible outcome during my entire defense. His aggressive strategy, in my particular case, caused the DA to over look charges that no doubt would have been added if they had enough time to properly investigate. If those charges were added, it would have been very easy for them to prove my guilt and I would have lost everything. For this I am utmost grateful for Tom's stunning work! However what meant more to me than his remarkable representation was that he genuinely cared about my well being. Wisdom can be offered by all ages, and Tom shared a lot of it with me.


I was so grateful to have Thomas Logan assigned to my case. He immediately helped put my mind at ease by focusing on information and best next steps. Together we devised a plan and put our plan into action. I trusted that he would guide me towards the most favorable outcome for my case and he did. I highly recommend this lawyer with complete confidence.


Mr. Logan, I just want to say thank you very much for helping me with my situation. I appreciate what you did for me today. I am now able to calm down knowing that I am able to continue working.  It is a huge help not only to me but also for my family. So thank you, thank you very much indeed. God bless you and your family.  I am glad I found the right person to assist me through this process.

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