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New Pennsylvania Law Expands Expungement of Criminal Records

On February 16, 2016, Governor Wolf signed Senate Bill 166 into law. The law provides a way for individuals CONVICTED of certain ungraded misdemeanors (like driving under the influence and drug possession), and third and second degree misdemeanors, to have their records sealed. This is a major and significant expansion of a person’s rights to be free from stigma of a criminal conviction.

In order to qualify for the sealing of records, a person must have been convicted of only certain misdemeanor offenses. Moreover, a person must not have been arrested or prosecuted for any offense within ten years of the conviction that is to be sealed.

This new law will provide relief to thousands – if not more – Pennsylvanians that suffer from bad choices made a long time ago. At Goldman Law Offices, we stand ready to assist clients seeking to be clear of their past and the fresh start that Senate Bill 166 allows.

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